Day 2 Results: 68th Senior National Kabaddi Championship 2021

The second day of the 68th Senior National Kabaddi Championship witnessed the continuation of the league stage fixtures in at Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar International Sports Stadium, Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. The men’s Kabaddi players representing their respective states or employers led their teams to gain a spot in the playoffs.

Day 2 Results: League Stages

Match 15: Uttarakhand beat Gujarat by 35-34 Points

Match 16: Railways beat Jharkhand by 32-14 points
Match 17: Services beat Delhi by 53-29 points
Match 18: Rajasthan beat Vidharbha by 71-28 points
Match 19: Chandigarh beat Assam by 48-8 points
Match 20: Goa beat Madhya Pradesh by 33-33 points
Match 21: Jammu and Kashmir beat Bihar by 31-17 points
Match 22: Tamilnadu beat Odisha by 49-14 points
Match 23: Uttarakhand beat Manipur by 42-37 points
Match 24: Railways beat Kerala by 52-20 points
Match 25: Himachal Pradesh beat Punjab by 47:18 points
Match 26: Uttar Pradesh beat Telangana by 52-27 points
Match 27: Haryana beat Madhya Pradesh by 38-33
Match 28: Bihar beat Chattisgarh by 41-34 points
Match 29: Karnataka beat Odisha by 33-11 points
Match 30: Maharashtra beat Gujarat by 51-19 points
Match 31: Rajasthan beat Punjab by 49-18 point
Match 32: Uttar beat Chandigarh 41-38 points
Match 33: Pondicherry beat Jammu and Kashmir by 40-27 points
Match 34: Tamilnadu beat Westest Bengalengal by 57-16 Point
Match 35: Services beat Haryana CO by 55-15 points