Live Updates: Pro Kabaddi league 2021 Auction Day 2

Live Updates Pro Kabaddi


29th – 31st August 2021 | Day 2 Overseas and Category A

Remaining Purses for all 12 franchises going into Day 3 of PKL Auction 2021

Jaipur Pink Panthers – 2.06 Cr
Haryana Steelers – 1.89 Cr
Dabang Delhi KC – 1.88 Cr
Bengal Warriors – 1.81 Cr
U Mumba – 1.80 Cr
Puneri Paltan – 1.74 Cr
Patna Pirates – 1.63 Cr
Tamil Thalaivas – 1.58 Cr
Gujarat Giants – 1.54 Cr
Telugu Titans – 1.29 Cr
Bengaluru Bulls – 1.22 Cr
UP Yoddha – 0.87 Cr

Sandeep Narwal is up next and the burly all-rounder has been snapped up by the Dabang Delhi KC for ₹60 lakhs!

Manjeet Chhillar fails to find a franchise as he goes UNSOLD!!

Next up with Ran Singh and the experienced campaigner does not find any bidders. UNSOLD!

Vikas Jaglan has been sold to the Haryana Steelers for ₹20 lakhs!

SOLD! Shrikant Jadhav will play for the UP Yoddha as they exercise their FBM Card after the Paltan raised the winning bid of ₹72 lakhs.

SOLD! Patna Pirates acquire Sachin for ₹84 lakhs!

SOLD! Prashanth Kumar Rai finds a new home for season 8 as he moves to the Patna Pirates for ₹55 lakhs

SOLD! Chandran Ranjit will don the Bengaluru Bulls jersey in season 8 as they acquire him for ₹80 lakhs!

SOLD! Rohit Kumar has been acquired by the Telugu Titans for ₹36 lakhs!

SOLD! Tamil Thalaivas acquire the services of Manjeet for ₹92 lakhs!

SOLD!! UP Yoddha splurge ₹1.65 Crore for Pardeep Narwal 
and Patna Pirates do not raise their FBM Card. New team for the Record Breaker!

SOLD!! ₹1.30 Crore Siddharth ‘Bahubali’ Desai has been sold to UP Yoddha. TELUGU TITANS USE THEIR FBM CARD and he will continue to ply his trade for the Titans once again in season 8!

SOLD! Rahul Chaudhari has been sold to Puneri Paltan for ₹40 lakh!
The Thalaivas do not use their FBM Card and the Showman will play for the Pune outfit!

SOLD! K Prapanjan has been snapped up for ₹71 lakhs by the Tamil Thalaivas!

SOLD! The Patna Pirates snap up the services of Mahender Singh for ₹50 lakh but the BULLS EXERCISE THEIR FBM CARD!

SOLD! PO Surjeet Singh is sold to the Tamil Thalaivas for ₹75 lakh!
Puneri Paltan do not use their FBM Card and the cover defender will turn up for the Thalaivas!

The bid is at ₹83 lakh with the Steelers and the Paltan decide against raising the paddle again. Gujarat Giants deny the FBM option and Gulia is sold to the Steelers for ₹83 lakh!

SOLD! Baldev Singh is sold for ₹60 lakh to the Puneri Paltan as the Warriors decide against using their FBM Card 

Puneri Paltan bid a winning amount of ₹60 lakh and the Titans do not exercise their FBM card. Vishal Bhardwaj will don the Puneri Paltan outfit in PKL 8!

Gujarat Giants acquire the services of Ravinder Pahal for ₹74 lakhs as Delhi do not use the FBM Card!

SOLD! Deepak Niwas Hooda is snapped up by Patna Pirates for ₹55 lakh but the Jaipur Pink Panthers raise their FBM Card!

First player from Category A coming right up! Stay tuned for all the live updates! 

Md. Masud Karim returns to UP Yoddha for a price of ₹10 lakhs!

Mohammad Tuhin Tarafder is picked up by the Tamil Thalaivas for his base price of ₹10 lakhs!

Hadi Oshtorak returns and is sold to the Gujarat Giants for his base price of ₹20 lakhs!

Mugilan Batumalai goes UNSOLD!

Hyunsu Park 
joins the Telugu Titans for ₹10 lakhs!

Anwar Saheeb Baba is next up and is sold to Tamil Thalaivas for ₹10 lakhs!

Emad Sedaghat Nia is the last player on offer in the Foreign Players category and the raider is snapped up by Dabang Delhi KC for ₹10.20 lakhs!

Amirhossein Mohammad Maleki will showcase his raiding abilities for Jaipur Pink Panthers as he is sold for ₹10 lakhs

Panthers on the prowl! 
Two consecutive buys by the Season 1 champions as they pick up their second Iranian player for Season 8!

Mohammad Amin Nosrati joins the Jaipur Pink Panthers, who procure his services for ₹11 lakhs!

Nageshor Tharu and Saja Aslam do not find bidders and are UNSOLD!

Earlier in the day, Mohammad Malak was sold to the Dabang Delhi KC for his base price of ₹10 lakhs

Mohammad Taghi Paein Mahali is up next and he will join the UP Yoddha for a price of ₹12 lakh

Mohammad Esmaeil Maghsoudlou Mahalli will ply his trade for the Haryana Steelers for a price of ₹13.20 lakhs!

Abolfazl Maghsodloumahali, who played for the then Gujarat Fortunegiants last season, has been bought by Bengaluru Bulls for ₹13 lakhs

Ziaur Rahman is the latest signing for Bengaluru Bulls as the left cover defender fetches a winning bid of ₹12.20 lakhs

Lal Mohar Yadav and Lahiru Kosala Bandara are UNSOLD!

Dong Geon Lee finds a new franchise as he moves to Bengaluru Bulls for a price of ₹12.50 after plying his trade for U Mumba last season.

Soleiman Pahlevani is sold to the Gujarat Giants for a price of ₹11.50 lakhs

Abe Tetsuro is up next and he joins Telugu Titans for season 8 at a price of ₹10 lakhs!

Mohammadreza Shadloui Chiyaneh has been the top buy so far in the PKL Auction 2021 going for a sum of ₹31 Lakhs to the three-time PKL champions Patna Pirates after an intense bidding war between the franchises. He will surely be one to watch out for in the upcoming season!

Mohammadreza Shadloui Chiyaneh’s name sparks a bidding war and in the end, it is the Patna Pirates who acquire his services for ₹31 lakh

Hamid Mirzaei Nader will ply his trade for the Haryana Steelers, as they buy him for ₹12.10 lakhs

Not much interest for talented Kenyan all-rounder Victor Onyango Obiero as he is the latest signing for the Puneri Paltan, who acquire his services for just ₹10 lakhs

Mohsen Maghsoudlou Jafari sparks an interest from U Mumba and the Haryana Steelers, with the former winning the bidding war and snapping him up for ₹12.80 lakhs

Next player up is Jang Kun Lee, who fetches a bid for ₹20.5 lakh to the Jaipur Pink Panthers but wait, Patna Pirates exercise their FBM Card to retain him for another season.

First foreign player who is sold is is Abozar Mighani and the Iranian joins the Bengal Warriors for ₹30.5 lakh

Prior to Abozar, Hadi Oshtorak and Farhad Milaghardan found no bidders and the pair went UNSOLD!

Hello and Welcome to the live coverage of the second day of the Pro Kabaddi auction!

Take a look at how different teams stack up ahead in the PKL auction.

Bengal Warriors

Purse available: ₹2.11 crores

Players retained (4): Maninder Singh, Mohammad Esmaeil Nabibakhsh, Rinku Narwal & Ravindra Ramesh Kumawat

Bengaluru Bulls

Purse available: ₹2.89 crores

Players retained (5): Pawan Sehrawat, Amit Sheoran, Saurabh Nandal, Banty & Mohit Sehrawat

Dabang Delhi K.C.

Purse available: ₹2.68 crores

Players retained (6): Vijay, Neeraj Narwal, Naveen Kumar, Balram, Sumit & Mohit

Gujarat Giants

Purse available: ₹2.59 crores

Players retained (5): Parvesh Bhainswal, Sunil Kumar, Harmanjeet Singh, Sumit & Ankit

Haryana Steelers

Purse available: ₹3.17 crores

Players retained (4): Vikash Kandola, Vinay, Vikas Chhillar & Chand Singh

Jaipur Pink Panthers

Purse available: ₹3.27 crores

Players retained (7): Amit Hooda, Vishal Lather, Nitin Rawal, Sachin Narwal, Pavan TR, Sushil Gulia & Elavarasan A

Patna Pirates

Purse available: ₹3.54 crores

Players retained (5): Neeraj Kumar, Monu, Sahil Mann, Rajveersinh Pratap Rao Chavan & Mohit

Puneri Paltan

Purse available: ₹3.44 crores

Players retained (5): Balasaheb Shahaji Jadhav, Pawan Kumar Kadian, Hadi Tajik, Sanket Sawant & Pankaj Mohite

Players bought (2): Mohit Goyat & Govind Gurjar

Tamil Thalaivas

Purse available: ₹4.16 crores

Players retained (3): Sagar, Himanshu & M Abishek

Telugu Titans

Purse available: ₹3.70 crores

Players retained (6): Rakesh Gowda, Ankit Beniwal, Rajnish, Manish, Akash Choudhary & Akash Dattu Arsul

Players bought (1): Prince

U Mumba

Purse available: ₹1.92 crores

Players retained (5): Abhishek Singh, Ajinkya Rohidas Kapare, Harendra Kumar, Fazel Atrachali & Navneet

UP Yoddha

Purse available: ₹3.61 crores

Players retained (4): Nitesh Kumar, Sumit Sangwan, Ashu Singh & Surinder Gill

Players bought (1): Nitin Panwar

Pro Kabaddi League 2021 Players Auction Highlights, August 29:

 Four players – Govind Gurjar, Mohit Goyat, Prince and Nitin Panwar – were picked in the New Young Players Draft by Puneri Paltan, Telugu Titans and UP Yoddha. So after a year’s break, the eighth season of the ultra-competitive PKL is set to roll. And the foundation for it will be laid between August 29 and August 31 during which over 450 players will go under the hammer as 12 teams start building their squads for the upcoming season set be held in December this year.

The Most Expensive Players: An All-time list

=>Monu Goyat – Rs 1.51 crore – Haryana Steelers (Season 6)

=>Siddharth Desai – Rs 1.45 crore – Telugu Titans (Season 7)

=>Rahul Chaudhari – Rs 1.29 crore – Telugu Titans (Season 6)

=>Nitin Tomar – Rs 1.20 crore – Puneri Paltan (Season 7)

=>Deepak Hooda – Rs 1.15 crore – Jaipur Pink Panthers (Season 6)

=>Nitin Tomar – Rs 1.15 crore – Puneri Paltan (Season 6)

=>Rishank Devadiga – Rs 1.11 crore – UP Yoddha (Season 6)

=>Fazel Atrachali – Rs 1 crore – U Mumba (Season 6)

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